Go Green With Your Autobody Repair By Partnering With Instant Autobody

Go Green With Your Autobody Repair By Partnering With Instant Autobody

When it comes to the green initiative, you most likely already have plans in place. Perhaps you recycle, use recycled products, reduce your waste, or even use a reusable water bottle instead of the plastic ones. Did you realize that you can go green with your autobody repair needs as well? Here at Instant Autobody, we provide a variety of onsite repair services to help you get your car looking great while reducing our waste.

Services Offered

We work with a variety of clients such as car dealers, fleet owners, and even retail customers. By coming to your location, we help save you time and money on repairs. We provide discounted group pricing for those who have multiple vehicles in need of fixing and budget-friendly pricing for our single, retail vehicle clients. We not only save you time and money, but we also help you to save the earth by utilizing our green practices below.

Going Green

Our company makes going green a high priority. Join us every Eary Day to establish your green initiatives in making better choices for the planet around you. Our team utilizes practices that have been shown to reduce material usage by over 70% in our repairs. We work hard to provide you with elite autobody repair services while also reducing the pollution and material waste around us.

Whether you have a bumper that needs to be repaired or your side panels need touch up paint, our technicians have you covered. Contact our team at Instant Autobody today to set up your green repair appointment. We are here to help you repair your fleet, auto lot, or retail vehicle while making a minimal impact on our planet.


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We offer comprehensive Autobody repair services, from minor dents and dings to repairing your vehicle's damage following an accident. Our professional, highly-trained technicians know all the latest technology and methods to ensure quality results - FAST!

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