Mobile Dent Repair & On-Site Autobody Service

Mobile Dent Repair & On-Site Autobody Service Lynnwood
Dents are never anything you want or expect to happen to your vehicle. However, there are times when these issues happen, and you are faced with getting them fixed. Many people cringe at the idea of contacting their insurance company to see about matching paint, getting the right autobody team, and the list goes on. At Instant Auto Body, we provide you with quality results with our innovative mobile dent repair & on-site autobody service.

How Does Mobile Dent Repair Work?

First and foremost, customers love that our mobile services for tackling dents sometimes only take about an hour from start to finish. However, we will take the time necessary to carefully and meticulously repair any dents you receive so that you can be on your way as soon as possible. Our technicians have learned a delicate balance between speed and precision so that we can bring you incredible service with each call for repair.

Dent Repair That Fits Your Busy Schedule

You may not have time to bring your vehicle in for repair work, having to find a ride in the meantime for any errands or meetings and then back to get your vehicle. With our mobile dent repair technicians, we come to you wherever you are! This means that the dent you got on your way to work can get fixed while you are working right in the parking lot.

Don’t want to miss your child’s sporting event or play, but you dinged your door getting out at the school? No problem! We can come to you wherever you are and get the results you need – FAST!

Instant Auto Body is the team you need for all sorts of dings, scratches, dents, and other damage to your vehicle. We fix it on the go, so you do not have to fuss over the details.

Mobile dent repair & on-site autobody service when you need it, where you need it with Instant Auto Body. Call our team at (425) 773-4159 when you need us!

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We offer comprehensive Autobody repair services, from minor dents and dings to repairing your vehicle's damage following an accident. Our professional, highly-trained technicians know all the latest technology and methods to ensure quality results - FAST!

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