Mobile Paintless Autobody Dent Repair & Removal

Mobile Paintless Autobody Dent Repair & Removal Lynnwood
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a dent fixed without having to go into a repair shop or trying your hand at a DIY project only to fail? With our mobile PDR – mobile paintless autobody dent repair & removal service at Instant Auto Body, you can!

What Is PDR?

If you have a minor ding or dent, it sometimes calls for a little bit of love rather than having to bring your vehicle to a repair shop. Here at Instant Auto Body, we offer something called PDR, which stands for paintless dent removal. With this mobile service, we can come to you to virtually erase the bumps and bruises your vehicle recently encountered.

Got a shallow dent? If so, the chances are that we can get you a cost-effective, fast, and simple fix by coming to you!

Whether you are at work or school or have your vehicle parked at home, we can schedule our technician to come to where you are. This service is excellent for helping to handle minor dents, even if it spans a few inches in diameter. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we can send someone out for an estimate – obligation free!

Don’t Let that Small Dent, Bump, Or Ding Bother You

Even the smaller ding from a shopping cart or a small dent on the surface of your vehicle can annoy you each time you see it. Rather than grumbling at the eyesore, you can contact us at Instant Auto Body, and our mobile service can be there in no time to take a look and get going on the fix you need.

This is quality repair service, not having to wait for appointments or deal with your insurance company. Good work – FAST!

Are you interested in setting up an appointment for our mobile paintless autobody dent repair & removal service? Call us today at Instant Auto Body – (425) 773-4159.

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