Simple Parking Strategies Could Help You Avoid Dent Repair Costs

Simple Parking Strategies Could Help You Avoid Dent Repair Costs

Nothing is more frustrating than your vehicle taking on unnecessary damage. Your car, truck, minivan, or SUV is a significant investment that you want to keep looking nice as best you can. Once you have a scratch or dent, the frustration mounts – and rightfully so. The good news is that you can get mobile repair services from Instant Auto Body in the Lynnwood area to get the fix you need.

In the meantime, we can help you with some simple strategies to keep your vehicle clear so you can avoid damage in the first place. Keep these simple parking tips in mind:

Search for parking in covered areas

When parking in a covered area, it serves multiple purposes. You can keep your vehicle cooler in summer and protected from snow and ice in winter. Additionally, you are safe from falling branches or rocks that may get kicked up by passing vehicles.

Opt for broader parking spots whenever possible

Even when you are a driver with decent parking skills, getting into a tight spot heightens your chances of encountering a scratch or dent. Look for a parking spot that is less cramped to keep your vehicle from getting scraped or dinged, hopefully.

Grocery cart caddies are not your friend

Most people are in a hurry while shopping, so they pay little or no attention when returning carts to the stationary caddy in the parking lot. The carts often don’t end up inside the caddy and could roam free when the wind hits them just right. Parking too close to cart storage caddies leaves your vehicle vulnerable to bumper damage and unnecessary scratches or dings.

Despite our best efforts, there can be times when your vehicle still gets damaged. In that event, Instant Auto Body has the mobile repair services you need to get back on track without damage to your car.

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